Dance Your Truth Incorporated combines with Elemental Dance Technique and Phoenix’s choreography to produce shows and performances around the nation.

Previous full length shows:  “Carnival” “A Splash of Color!” “Elemental” “Alice N WNDRLND” “Dance Your Truth” “Dance Your Truth Part 2”

Previous festivals/guest performances:  “The Shift”   “Immerse”  “Idance Orlando Festival”  “Link” by Salt, “Dance For a Cure”  “Halo Dance for Autism” “IVC Perspectives”, “Right 2 Rhythm,” “Icon Builder Summit” “Orange County Fair” “Awakenings and Beginnings” “Dance all Day”

Upcoming Productions and Performances:

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I can look at videos of myself now and see the beauty.

Miranda Heavener

I’m getting the compliments now that were once the obstacles and critiques I had to work through as a kid.

Michelle Dillard

I felt as if she held my hand and walked me through some very pivotal processes that helped me gain a whole new perspective on how I saw my body and perceptions of myself.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

I think everyone needs a session with Leah to help us each gain insight into our own beautiful gifts and see ourselves through new eyes.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

I was able to be who I am, without judgment. I didn’t feel pressure to be a certain way. Most importantly, I was able to let go.

Devin Ward

This class was the most eye-opening dance class I have ever taken. EVER. It was so healing and powerful on every level. I am literally transformed.

Matika Warner

Two seasons here has done more for my confidence than ten years at a college dance program.

Michelle Dillard

Dance your truth is one of the most amazing life altering things I’ve done.

Leeza Jolie