Mission Statement


“People have been conditioned by society and social media to hate their bodies.  Dance Your Truth teaches individuals and groups the power of how their bodies are made through movement workshops so that they can live life and love life” – Phoenix

There is a growing sense of disconnect among people to their community, nature, and their bodies.  This disconnect shows up through judgment, comparison, and the fast paced lives that give little time for self care and an understanding of what we were created to do. This disconnect and judgment creates a loss of fulfillment and emotional freedom.

What most people don’t realize about their bodies is that everything,  from the way they move to the way they were formed has inspiring meaning. Dance Your Truth teaches people who they are through the way they move.  We then give tools and techniques through movement exercises that connect body and spirit and assist in overcoming emotional and mental blocks. 

As people understand their worth and purpose, they are able to create emotional freedom that allows them to find greater peace with themselves and the ability to live a life that excites them.