Mission Statement


It is the mission of Phoenix Vincent and Dance Your Truth to provide uplifting and inspiring dance and movement experiences for all ages and abilities. Phoenix strives to emphasize purity, quality, and symbolism of dance in a way that will truly change the world. Phoenix also provides quality technical and performance training to advanced and professional dancers through using an original, brand new technique system that is like no other called Elemental Dance Technique.

Phoenix has a dominant focus on versatility and showcasing the individual voices, strengths, and styles of her students and clients as well as challenging them through a wide variety movement experiences.  Phoenix spends a lot of time in discovering her student’s unique voices through her Dance Your Truth Campaign.  Through these mediums, Phoenix hopes to enrich and elevate the level of movement communication worldwide and to help increase positivity, self-confidence, love of self, and light in everyone she touches.

Phoenix also strives to bridge the gap between dancers and the public. She not only does this through creating work that is relatable, but even taking it one step further:

Phoenix with Dance Your Truth holds classes where dancers and the public can move together in ways that are supportive, strengthening, and universal. This opens new doors for communication through movement from person to person, regardless of dance background or training.

A key element in Phoenix’s work is the creation of value. She uses Dance Your Truth Incorporated to teach dancers and non-dancers alike to find their worth through the healing Dance Your Truth TM movement. Dance Your Truth also provides help through personal coaching and mentoring sessions.

She consistently asks new questions like why does dance matter to the common person? How can we build a community that understands the importance behind movement? She aims to answer these questions through choreography, presentation, and outreach. Dance Your Truth shines a new light on balanced training and conditioning with Elemental Dance Technique. This system not only leads to stronger bodies, but it allows dancers and non-dancers to see the significance in treating your body with care.

For more information or to schedule a call to find out how Phoenix can support you in overcoming obstacles and finding your best self through movement, email phoenix@danceyourtruth.org