Elemental Dance Technique

Elemental Dance Technique

Elemental Dance Technique is a new and completely one of a kind technique system intended to train dancers and create a foundation that is safe and sustainable to the body.  It is offered as an alternative to ballet as a foundation for all other dance forms.  Elemental Dance Technique eliminates any movement that compromises joints, muscles, and connective tissue in order to prepare dancers to be strong, healthy, flexible and balanced to dramatically decrease injury, and prepare dancers that can dance at a high level of technique throughout their life, instead of burning them out by age 30.

Governing principles of new technique:

  • Flexibility and motion of the spine
  • Strength in the core – including the back, lower and upper abdominals, and lower back
  • Range of motion balanced with conditioning
  • Conditioning/movement/choreography should utilize opposing muscles in all areas of the body – creating BALANCE
  • Avoid overloading the knees and ankles
  • Parallel is base position.  Work done in turned out should be balanced by work done turned in
  • Body awareness, control and freedom of choices

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I can look at videos of myself now and see the beauty.

Miranda Heavener

This class was the most eye-opening dance class I have ever taken. EVER. It was so healing and powerful on every level. I am literally transformed.

Matika Warner

I think everyone needs a session with Leah to help us each gain insight into our own beautiful gifts and see ourselves through new eyes.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

I was able to be who I am, without judgment. I didn’t feel pressure to be a certain way. Most importantly, I was able to let go.

Devin Ward

I’m getting the compliments now that were once the obstacles and critiques I had to work through as a kid.

Michelle Dillard

Two seasons here has done more for my confidence than ten years at a college dance program.

Michelle Dillard

Dance your truth is one of the most amazing life altering things I’ve done.

Leeza Jolie

I felt as if she held my hand and walked me through some very pivotal processes that helped me gain a whole new perspective on how I saw my body and perceptions of myself.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session