Workshop Options

“Movers of all ages and levels are welcome!”

Option 1 – Private Mentoring Through Movement (via Zoom or in person)

**Email for a free 15 min consultation!

 1 hour – cost $1000  *Discounted options for multiple session packages

Option 2 – Four 15 minute quick solutions sessions

cost $950

Option 3 – 30 day challenge group!

 cost $25

Option 1 – Private Mentoring through Movement

60 minutes – cost $1000
You will be emailed a list of open times for your appointment. If you have questions, contact us for questions or email us directly at

In this one hour evaluation, we will go over your personality and preferences with a worksheet designed to help us get to know you and how your life influences you. We will help you to discover how to find answers from the body, what the way you move says about you, and how to find greater self confidence, body acceptance, and open you up to your unique life’s mission. You do need to sign up for a zoom account, and preferably on a computer rather than a phone for higher quality video. You do not need to do this at a studio, just any space that you feel you can move freely.  If you are uncomfortable with movement, no problem, we can still help you tune into your body to discover your highest potential! 4 AND 12 SESSION PACKAGES AVAILABLE FOR A DISCOUNT WITH A *MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!  If you are not completely satisfied with your sessions, you can get a FULL REFUND after as many as THREE SESSIONS! (only for pre-pay clients)  Risk free!

Quick Solutions Sessions!

4 Sessions – cost $950

Too busy for a regular hour in your schedule?:

I was asked how much I could get done with a client in 15 minutes, and I said “A ton!”  The work I do with body movement analysis and sybolism is very simple and quick, and can provide answers, solutions, and empowerment in as little as 15 minute increments!  Sign up for 4 sessions for only $149!!

30 Day Challenge Group!!

Starting March 1, 2020:

cost $25

In the 30 Day Challenge Group you will get incredible bang for your buck! Starting March 1, 2020, a Dance Your Truth challenge group will start which will include 30 days of simple tasks, including movement exercises for healing and emotional release, affirmations, question and answers for those that post videos of their movement to learn what your movement says about your strengths and life path, and a weekly text to encourage you in your unique journey.  Additionally, you will get a free Dance Your Truth T-shirt and other surprises as well!  Holy cow, for only $25!!!!  Sign up above to reserve your slot, or Contact us for questions or email

**When you pay for your 30 day challenge you will be sent an email with a waiver and a link to the Facebook group– you may email beforehand to ask any questions.