Dance Your Truth

Dance Your Truth - Dance Language Analysis

Dance Your Truth is an original program developed by Phoenix Vincent that  promotes the extraordinary and unique, and gives direction and confidence to all who participate.  With Dance Your Truth, we tear away the beliefs that everyone has to strive for one perfect ideal, and show that our unique voice is what makes us perfect and individual beams of light.  This is done through an innovative process that includes group and individual guided movement, followed by an interpretation of the movement that shows how the way we move shows our talents, strengths, voice, and gifts as individuals.  Those who participate in this program find greater confidence and body acceptance, answers through movement, unique purpose, and tools for overcoming mental and emotional blocks.  Not to mention it is a lot of fun!  A safe space is created for all individuals to learn and express themselves, as well as support those around them.

From the creator of Dance Your Truth, Phoenix Vincent:

“I analyze movement of all types because every movement is intentional, and I teach what the meaning of it is.  Over the past three years I have trained extensively in body language courses, microexpression courses, kinesiology, understanding body energy, body profiling, and symbolism.  This combined with nearly 30 years of dance training, analysis, and teaching prepared me to teach this to others through workshops and one on one mentoring.  I have developed tools and techniques that taught me to love my own movement and body and how I am different, and to understand the meaning of my movement.  I have already taught this method to over 200 people from over 12 different states, and have seen amazing results that has built confidence and increased their value both to themselves and others.

I also tie body movements into mental and emotional blocks that you may have that is making you feel stuck in life and give tools and techniques for you to work through those blocks.

I am passionate about this program because I have seen results.  No two people are alike, but EVERYONE I have worked with has loved the program and learned things about themselves that have empowered them, and have changed the way they move and the way that they live.  It has even helped them improve dramatically in other areas of  life – because when they know who they are, they are stronger and more able to progress without holding back.”

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I’m getting the compliments now that were once the obstacles and critiques I had to work through as a kid.

Michelle Dillard

I can look at videos of myself now and see the beauty.

Miranda Heavener

I think everyone needs a session with Leah to help us each gain insight into our own beautiful gifts and see ourselves through new eyes.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

I felt as if she held my hand and walked me through some very pivotal processes that helped me gain a whole new perspective on how I saw my body and perceptions of myself.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

Dance your truth is one of the most amazing life altering things I’ve done.

Leeza Jolie

This class was the most eye-opening dance class I have ever taken. EVER. It was so healing and powerful on every level. I am literally transformed.

Matika Warner

I was able to be who I am, without judgment. I didn’t feel pressure to be a certain way. Most importantly, I was able to let go.

Devin Ward

Two seasons here has done more for my confidence than ten years at a college dance program.

Michelle Dillard