New definition of Choreography

Specific movement that has meaning that’s put together to create a designed goal/outcome/effect.

Phoenix Vincent’s Choreography  utilizes the tools contained in her Dance Your Truth program to keep the message accurate and consistent, as every movement means something.  Phoenix’s choreography is used in her performances and productions, and is also available for hire for companies, competition pieces, film, and any other personal or business use.  It is a great way to get across a message that is clear, accurate, and able to affect and inspire others on a much deeper level.

Hire Phoenix!

Hire Phoenix Vincent to set choreography, or for workshops on choreography and analysis of current choreography. Contact us through our “contact us” page! (and make sure to select the proper subject line!)


Watch examples on our YouTube page


I felt as if she held my hand and walked me through some very pivotal processes that helped me gain a whole new perspective on how I saw my body and perceptions of myself.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

Two seasons here has done more for my confidence than ten years at a college dance program.

Michelle Dillard

Dance your truth is one of the most amazing life altering things I’ve done.

Leeza Jolie

I think everyone needs a session with Leah to help us each gain insight into our own beautiful gifts and see ourselves through new eyes.

Christi Diamond
one on one, non-dancer session

I can look at videos of myself now and see the beauty.

Miranda Heavener

I was able to be who I am, without judgment. I didn’t feel pressure to be a certain way. Most importantly, I was able to let go.

Devin Ward

I’m getting the compliments now that were once the obstacles and critiques I had to work through as a kid.

Michelle Dillard

This class was the most eye-opening dance class I have ever taken. EVER. It was so healing and powerful on every level. I am literally transformed.

Matika Warner