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Leah Vincent (bio)

Leah Vincent grew up dancing at nationally acclaimed dance studios in Utah such as Center Stage Performing Arts Studio, Jacquiline Colledge School of Ballet (Utah Regional Ballet), and The Dance club. There she danced all throughout high school on school teams as well as studio teams, and then went on to get her Bachelor of Arts in dance at Brigham Young University, where she also received a dance scholarship and was selected for the Dance Department’s Dean’s List.

At BYU, she performed on one of their ballroom dance teams, and she studied jazz, tap, ballet, modern, and ballroom dance.  Leah has traveled all over the country studying dance from some of the very best in the dance industry, such as Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Justin Giles, TOKYO, Dee Caspery, Jackie Sleight, Rick Robinson, and Darryl Yeager. She also danced professionally with three different professional dance companies in Utah. In 2008, Leah opened up her own large dance studio at the age of 28.

She produced five full length shows which included her award winning competition teams and her elite professional dance company Journey Dance Company before moving to Southern California with her family.

Currently Leah is the director of Elle Vie Dance Company, formerly known as Journey Dance Company, a professional dance company.  Leah runs Elle Vie Dance Company in  hopes of being able to contribute her love and passion for dance and education to her dancers, to uplift and inspire them through dance, and provide opportunities for more dancers to perform professionally.

Leah’s dream is to produce dance shows that are wholesome and uplifting, and bring back the purity of the art form.  Her shows are very eclectic and athletic, utilizing many different genres of dance and styles of dancers, and are always family-friendly. She is very innovative in her approach to dance, looking for new ways to entertain, new paths to create success in the industry, and never accepting a path or solution just because everyone else is doing it that way.  Nothing is impossible to her, and she gives that same courage and enthusiasm to her dancers and her audience, so that all walk away inspired and empowered.

Recently she has put that passion into an original Dance Your Truth project that partners with her Elemental Dance Technique.  The aim of these two programs is to teach dancers of their individual worth and the way it is expressed through their dancing, while utilizing a safe and sustainable technique system that will support all genres of dance. Leah has five beautiful children and a wonderfully supportive husband who owns his own business. The Vincent family have taken their dance message from Utah to California to Florida where they currently reside.